Powell’s Body Shop & Towing, INC continues a rich family tradition of providing quality auto-body repair to our valued community members; many of whom come from all over the United States to get the pure quality that our body shop offers. Here is a quick rundown of our history!


Jim Powell purchased a plot of land located at 265 Grant Street in Blackfoot. On this plot of land he built his shop and began building his business. Fast forward several years and any number of customers can recall stopping by the shop to have work done on their vehicle and being greeted by Jim and/or Topsy, and any number of their 6 kids. Jim and Topsy used the business a way to teach their kids valuable lessons, including business management, money management, how to build and maintain a strong work ethic, and a multitude of other skills that would better their lives.


In 2007 Jim’s youngest sons, Dustin and Jim, took over the family business. Running it from the old location in the middle of town, while simultaneously working out an acquisition deal with the owner of Burdette Body Shop. While working on customer’s cars in town, and renovating the shop on Highway 39, the brothers were able to bring together everything they had learned from Jim Sr. and jump-start a new adventure. Once the acquisition and renovation was complete, the boys moved all of the customer vehicles from the town location, and officially opened the new location for business.

In addition to the initial makeover/renovation, the shop is continually growing. In 2012, 2013, and 2014 we were able to add on to our already large facilities. By doing this we were able to TRIPLE our shop size (making us not only the most state-of-the-art auto body repair facilities, but also the largest in southeast Idaho). We now have a dedicated detail facility that is continuously churning out “brand new” vehicles. With all of the growth of space, we were also required to grow our team! We have added, on average, four new crew members each year. In growing at the pace we are, we’re able to better serve all of our customers and their unique needs. One of the core concepts that Jim was able to teach his kids was that all of their customers should walk out of the shop being friends, and knowing that they were taken care of in every way possible. With that thought still in mind, Jim and Topsy’s kids are able to walk throughout their lives with their heads held high, knowing that their parents taught them not only how to run a business, but how to be a friend and a supporter to everyone, especially their family.